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About ProHealth

ProHealth is a non-profit community-based initiative, whose primary focus is to improve and promote the health of African immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Austria. ProHealth was founded in 2004 in Graz by Africans as a voluntary non-profit community-based organisation with the primary aim of increasing awareness on health issues and making health information more accessible to members of their community, thereby improving and promoting their health.

ProHealth is an offshoot of the defunct African Awareness Group in Graz, which in collaboration with the Steirische Aidshilfe, Graz (Styrian AIDS Services) worked within the African community to provide necessary information about HIV and AIDS, as well as to inform the community about the services offered by the Steirische Aidshilfe. The African Awareness Group whose members included opinion leaders within the African community also served as a vital link between the Styrian AIDS Services and the African community.

ProHealth has expanded on the activities of the African Awareness Group to include, in addition to the enlightenment campaign on HIV/AIDS, enlightenment on other health issues as well as provide targeted preventive educational services aimed at improving the health and general well-being of African immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Graz.