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In 2008 the women's initiative ProWomen was launched within ProHealth to create specific health promotion actions for African women. It consists of female experts from within the African communities who organise women's workshops, discussion rounds and regular training and educational gatherings. ProWomen today turns out to be an important contact point for female migrants, in particular Africans.

ProWomen members have their backgrounds in various countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Benin, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Rwanda, Burkina Faso

What we do

  • we give up-to-date informations about the Austrian health care system and serve as a link to doctors and other health care professionals
  • we discuss problems we encounter in our job and everyday lives and try to find solutions and new viewpoints in the group
  • we assist in filling in forms and contacting public authorities and offices
  • we motivate women to manage challenges in their everyday lives themselves

What are our objectives?

  • women should be able to make optimal usage of the health care system, according to their needs
  • we want to empower women by imparting new knowledge and competences
  • they should learn to work actively on their problems and call in professional helpers when needed
  • they should act as multiplicators and share their knowledge with families and friends